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Dining at Parkland

August 22, 2023 What’s for Dinner?

Rachael, Content Editor from Saltwire Network joined us at Parkland to experience dining with her family and felt completely at ease with service, delicious cuisine, and the overall atmosphere.

“It was apparent that Parkland makes residents’ dining experience welcoming and comfortable. It was heartwarming to observe residents who arrived to dine alone quickly connecting with others to enjoy an impromptu meal together. Even as outsiders looking in, my family and I felt completely at ease dining at Parkland; we didn’t feel out of place.” Rachael tells us.

At Parkland, every meal is a social occasion, which is why the residents, and their loved ones look forward to a culinary experience that feels as personal as their own home cooking. Each location offers a menu catered to residents’ different preferences, with some locations updating their meal offerings on a weekly basis. However, one commonality among them is their dedication to catering to residents’ needs by providing a timeless selection of meals that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether a person is considering the retirement community in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Ontario, they are guaranteed an exceptional dining experience.

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