When is it time to move into a retirement community?

“Why didn’t I move sooner?”

We have had countless residents say those exact words to us over the years – but we never get tired of hearing it! To us, it is the greatest testimonial to the level of excellence and enjoyment we deliver to each and every resident.

Whether you’re looking for yourself, or are looking for a loved one, when you choose Parkland, you are choosing a lifestyle with a lot less worry and a lot more freedom and convenience. Plus, you join a community of like-minded seniors who are also excited to make the most of their retirement years. Don’t wait for a change in health status to make the move, choose Parkland so you can live your retirement years to the fullest.

So is now the right time? Choose one of the following to help you decide.

I am looking to downsize from my family home

If you are looking to downsize from your family home for the first time, retirement living may be a better option than a condo or apartment. Parkland offers a variety of living options for those who are independent, but looking for a more simplified style of living. Here are a few reasons you may choose retirement living over a condo or apartment:

You love to socialize

Parkland provides an always changing, monthly social calendar with plenty of opportunities to be social and active – both on campus and off – with friends who share your interests.

You are independent, but want the peace of mind of knowing care is available

Parkland offers 24/7 emergency response with staff onsite 24 hours a day, so you can live independently and at ease knowing support is available.

You want to have the ability to forecast expenses

Rising utility bills, property taxes and condo fees make it extremely difficult to know what your future expenses will be. Rate for Life and One Monthly Bill are just two of the ways that Parkland helps makes expenses predictable and manageable.

You can retire your snow shovel and more!

Parkland takes care of the hassle of lawn care and winter snow removal. Should you desire, we also offer housekeeping, meal preparation, chauffeur and concierge service, leaving you free to do more of what you love.

Talk to a Lifestyle Consultant at a campus near you to find out if Parkland is right for you.

Looking to downsize

Moving your loved one to a retirement home

If you are looking at options for a loved one who is still living alone, but is not quite ready to move, there are some signs to look for that indicate they may need additional support. Parkland’s vibrant, social and safe community is the perfect option.

Weight loss or weight gain

Your loved one may not be cooking like he or she once did for when the larger family lived at home, so eating habits may have changed with potential health implications.

Expired food in fridge

Related to the above, if your loved one is not cooking as much, fresh ingredients quickly go bad.

Not socializing or exercising

Your loved one isn’t getting out of the house as often as he or she once did. This can be for varying reasons. In winter, it can be difficult – and even unsafe – to go for a walk, or a drive. Their social circle may have shrunk as friends begin to sell their large homes and move elsewhere. Whatever the reason, they may be feeling isolated.

Mess in home or things out of order

Cleaning is tiring and can become even more time-consuming and challenging if mobility becomes an issue. Watch for signs that your loved one is neglecting household chores.

Cannot remember when or if medication was taken

Regular medications can sometimes be hard to remember to take at the right time at the right dose. Check in with your loved one and take note of medications not being taken correctly.

For a loved one

Many people wait for a crisis to occur before considering such a move; while others plan and move before something happens. Talk to a Lifestyle Consultant at the campus nearest you to find out if Parkland is right for you.