Figuring out where to live in retirement is a big decision. These are answers to common questions from seniors about living in a Parkland retirement community.

What is Parkland?

Parkland offers lifestyle apartments, retirement living accommodations, services and care for mature adults looking to live a care-free lifestyle. Read more about our history.

Do I bring my own furniture?

Yes, most residents enjoy using their own furnishings in their new home.

Is Parkland a nursing home?

Parkland is not a nursing home. Parkland is a community that provides services and care should you need it. You are welcome to come and go as you wish, and can have peace of mind knowing support is always nearby.

How do I know which Lifestyle option is right for me?

To learn more about our Lifestyle continuum, visit our Lifestyle Options page.

What happens if my needs change?

Should your needs change, Parkland offers a continuum of lifestyle options and additional service.

Is there an age limit to live at Parkland?

While all of our Parkland campuses are built and operated with retirement living in mind, there is no minimum age requirement. Parkland is designed to accommodate a continuum of lifestyle options and is based around the concept of “aging in place”.

Why should I move into Parkland if I am fit and active?

Studies indicate that remaining active and connected to community are two of the keys to longevity and mental acuity.

Parkland offers a great deal of services and amenities that support an active lifestyle. You are invited to take part in any number of recreation activities that promote health and wellness as well as socialization. We want you to feel your best and being engaged and active is an important part of making that happen. Peace of mind is also vital to healthy aging, and at Parkland, you can relax knowing you have access to care if your situation changes.

If my spouse and I need different levels of care can we stay together?

Yes, couples can stay together. Depending on the situation, you may choose to live in an All-Inclusive Lifestyle suite and request the necessary additional services as you or your spouse require them, allowing you to age comfortably in place.

Can I have pets?

At Parkland, we know that pets are family too. Pets are welcome at select Parkland campuses. Please speak with the Lifestyle Consultant for more details.

Will I become less independent?

The lifestyle offered at Parkland is intended to promote independence, no matter how much or how little support you need. That’s because everything at Parkland is designed for your enjoyment and convenience. By offering flexibility and choice, you will have the necessary support to do the things you enjoy most independently, on your own time.