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Flavours of Joy: Celebrating Culinary Creativity at Caritas Residence

March 20, 2024 Harmony Wellness

In the heart of Caritas Residence, a unique community overlooking the beautiful Bedford Basin, Angela and Darrel have embarked on a culinary journey that’s as heartwarming as it is delicious. Angela, with her background in pastry, and Darrel, known for his culinary expertise, have teamed up to create a special cooking experience for the residents, and the response has been nothing short of amazing.

“Our cooking class really connects us with the residents on a more meaningful level. We get to know the residents more and they also get to learn more about us.” Angela and Darrel, team members at Caritas say.

Their journey began in November when they decided to start hosting monthly cooking sessions. These sessions are not your typical cooking classes. Instead, Angela and Darrel invite residents to join them in creating different types of food or pastries while having trivia questions to go along with it. For example, Darrel oversaw making the homemade caramel sauce for the ice cream sundaes and while teaching, Angela would quiz the residents on special facts about the caramel sauce.  

Each session lasts between 35 to 45 minutes, making it the perfect length for residents to participate and enjoy without feeling overwhelmed. Despite the short timeframe, the response has been incredible. Residents shine in these vibrant culinary workshops, with about 15 participants eagerly rolling up their sleeves, sprinkling in creativity, and channeling their inner chefs.

For Angela and Darrel, the joy of these sessions goes beyond just cooking. It’s about connecting with the residents on a deeper level, getting to know them on a personal basis, and creating lasting memories. “The smaller size of Caritas allows for more intimate connections, and the beautiful surroundings add to the unique charm of these gatherings.” Angela says.

From pastry chef to recreation coordinator, Angela’s journey with Shannex began six years ago when she started in the dining room and then moving to a Recreation Coordinator role at Parkland at the Gardens. Her dedication and passion for enriching the lives of seniors led her to progress to her current role as the Business Manager at Caritas. Similarly, Darrel has been a part of the Caritas team for seven years, drawn in by the love for the residents and the sense of community that defines Caritas.

As Angela and Darrel continue their culinary adventures, they are not just creating delicious meals; they are creating a sense of community, love, and joy that resonates throughout Caritas. Their kitchen has become a hub of creativity, laughter, and friendship, embodying the true spirit of what it means to be a part of the retirement community.

At Caritas, we understand that wellness plays a significant role in helping our residents live their best lives.  Residents engage in tailored activities that nurture the mind, invigorate the body, and enrich the soul. It’s where they can spend time laughing with neighbours, enjoying evenings with friends and most of all, staying healthy with activities and programs offered exclusively to you.

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