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Reading Companions at Parkland

January 22, 2024 Harmony Wellness

In the heart of Parkland at the Gardens, a literary companionship program is flourishing, bringing residents closer through storytelling. The Parkland Reading Companions initiative, nestled within the Harmony Wellness Program, is connecting residents and boosting mental wellness in more ways than one.

The program was launched this year and extends its impact to residents with visual impairments who are facing challenges like blindness or dementia.

Two Parkland residents, Jill and Ginger, embody the spirit of Parkland Reading Companions, forming a connection based on their love of reading and shared roots since Jill’s arrival a year ago.

Hailing from Labrador, Jill discovers solace in Ginger’s short readings, especially Newfoundland stories. “It’s real when Ginger reads. I feel like I’m in the story. I used to love to read, then three years ago my reading just got worse. Ginger came along and saved me,” said Jill.

Riley Spencer, the Wellness Team Lead, shares the program’s evolution, emphasizing its shift to an individualized approach. Residents with a passion for reading or a desire to be read to are thoughtfully paired based on their preferences. What started as a scheduled activity has transformed into a resident-led vocational endeavour, allowing participants to organize their meet-ups.

Parkland at the Gardens, fueled by its commitment to well-being, receives frequent book donations from the Halifax library to enrich its Parkland library. This brings a sense of community to residents through their shared love of reading.

At Parkland, we understand that wellness plays a significant role in helping our residents live their best lives. It’s where you’ll spend time laughing with friends, enjoying evenings with neighbours and most of all, staying healthy with activities and programs offered exclusively to you. Parkland continues to build a positive attitude and peace of mind. Residents are able to connect with their neighbours for social activities and interact in a meaningful and rewarding manner.