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Surprised by Joy

November 1, 2018 A Day in the Life

Resident Roy White loves to write poems. This past summer, he put pen to paper to write about his living experience at Kinross Hall. He is pictured with his lovely wife Carol.

Surprised by Joy

Here is good news from a new client by the name of Roy,

At Parkland at the Lakes Living, “I was surprised by Joy.”

Parkland at the Lakes is a great place for receiving and giving.

It is a wonderful place for seniors Retirement Living.

At this haven of rest you can enjoy and live your best life,

“It’s like swallowing sunshine,” said Carol, my happy wife!

It’s a nice place to stay inside while outside it’s raining

And to keep you from being bored you can do chair exercise training.

At Kinross you can get together and chat over a glass of Toddy,

Afterwards you can go stretch to strengthen your body.

Every day there is something to fit your balance and lifestyle,

Here you can do almost anything to help make your life worthwhile.

After exercising you will see a new person in the glass,

And you will have a clear and calm mind during the meditation class.

Sophie, our wonderful therapy dog comes for a visit every Tuesday,

She is as gentle as a dove and will never get in your way.

The managers, cooks, and kitchen staff are friendly, helpful, and kind,

They will serve you excellent food and help you unwind.

At Parkland we have met many great, new friends

That’s why we are very happy here, on that you can depend.

You will find friends who will prove closer than a brother,

And you will enjoy the simple pleasures of dining with others.

When you are in need you can use the emergency response team and phone,

There’s just no doubt Parkland will give you all the comforts of home.


Roy’s poem was published in the July 2018 edition of Connections. View all past issues.