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A Harmony of Care and Community

May 1, 2024 A Day in the Life

“It’s all about caring for others and that’s what Parkland does,” John Anderson, Activity Leader at Parkland at the Lakes says.

At Parkland at the Lakes, amidst the vibrant community life, John Anderson embodies what caring means in our community. As the Activity Leader and a valuable member of the Wellness Team, John’s journey at Parkland has been nothing short of inspiring.

John’s introduction to Parkland was more than just a job opportunity; it was a chance to combine his passion for music with his desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. From the moment he started playing the piano during lunchtime, inviting residents to join in and sing along, it was clear that John’s music would become a cherished part of life at Parkland.

His musical talents span a wide range of genres, reflecting his experience as a director at a church in Eastern Shore. Whether playing classical pieces or leading sing-alongs, John’s music has a magical quality that brings joy and nostalgia to the residents. One moment that stands out is when Muriel, a retired music teacher, joined in singing, creating a beautiful harmony.

John’s journey to Parkland has been a culmination of a lifetime of musical dedication. Starting piano at the age of six, John received formal music training in Vancouver and has played for numerous fundraisers over the years. However, it is his time at Parkland that has truly shaped his understanding of care and compassion.

For John, Parkland is more than just a retirement community; it is a place where residents can feel at home and can be involved in different programs and activities. He credits Parkland for teaching him the true meaning of caring and compassion, allowing him to connect with residents on a deeper level through his music.

Looking to the future, John is excited about the prospect of starting a music group that will meet every Wednesdays evening, where he will direct the music and create a space for residents to come together and enjoy the magic of music.

John’s journey at Parkland is a testament to the community’s commitment to providing exceptional care and creating a vibrant and engaging environment for residents. His story is a reminder that retirement living can be a time of exploration, growth, and meaningful connections, and Parkland at the Lakes is a community that embodies these values.

As John himself puts it, “If you’re considering retirement living, consider Parkland. It’s a wonderful community where you can truly feel at home.”

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