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April 3, 2024 A Day in the Life

Every Parkland is a vibrant community full of talent. Phillip Mallory, resident at Parkland Riverview is alumni at the University of New Brunswick who loves to tell stories and talk to new people. Many of our residents like Phillip Mallory, are storytellers, teachers, painters, writers, jokesters, each sharing their unique gifts and stories.  

Reflecting on his journey, Phillip shares, “I have nothing but gratitude for the wonderful people and experiences that have shaped me.”  

A member of the graduating class of 1978, Phillip earned his Bachelor of Education in Elementary School while also completing Master credits along the way. Despite challenges, continued his journey in academia and achieved his Teacher’s Principal Certificate.  

Before embarking on his educational career, Phillip discovered his love for painting at Mount Allison University. “I was fortunate enough to have a truly inspiring teacher who nurtured my passion,” he recalls. He even sold his artwork at a local café, where he met a woman with a shared interest in painting. He then taught her at his home and the café, and she is now a world traveler teaching in different countries.  

Phillip learned a lot during his time in school and is still learning from the people around him. “My daughter has a BA in psychology, and she told me to never think negatively from my past. It has worked wonderfully to think positively. I had wonderful people around me at UNB, amazing teachers, and I am very grateful with the experiences I had.”  

After graduating from UNB, Phillip taught for 32 years in public schools primarily focused on social studies, special education, and core French. “Students thought I was easy going, but I always just followed my heart and did the right thing.” Phillip says. When he decided to retire in New Brunswick, he was a supply teacher for another year.  

“I now enjoy the comfort of my studio apartment at Parkland where I watch the crows and take in the great views,” says Phillip. Phillip moved to Parkland a year ago and has since found a sense of community and safety.  

With delicious meals, transportation services and care and support, Parkland is a place where residents can feel at home.  Phillip spends his day talking to fellow residents and team members in the lobby. He loves learning new things about the people around him and is excited to meet new people.

“I couldn’t be happier with the care provided by the team members, who always go above and beyond for me,” says Phillip. 

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