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Ten Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

January 6, 2022 A Day in the Life

As the frost sets in and the snow begins to fall, soon comes a number of winter-related realities: slippery sidewalks, crisp winds, scraping windshields, snow shoveling, higher utility costs and unexpected storms that get in the way of anticipated social events.

While the following activities and amenities are enjoyed by residents at every Parkland location, consider doing your own version of them (or considering a winter stay with us) as part of your winter wellness plan to stay cozy on the inside and out!

1. A warm beverage

Start the day of right! Grab your warm drink of choice whether its hot cocoa, coffee, tea or a hot apple cider in your favourite mug and get cozy.

Each morning Parkland residents enjoy their favourite warm drink paired with delicious baked goods and great conversation at a daily coffee social.

2. A bowl of chowder

Whether it’s a delicious chowder, lasagna or casserole, a hearty meal can warm anyone’s insides and make the cold winter days a little bit better!

One of our favourites at Parkland is our famous seafood chowder. Prepared fresh daily with high-quality Maritime seafood, this is a daily staple on the menu at every Parkland location.

3. Watching a movie and eating popcorn

Whether you’re watching a movie from the comfort of your home or going out to the local cinema, watching a great movie with fresh popcorn is a fun activity to enjoy with friends.

Every Parkland community has an in-house entertainment lounge or movie theatre and can host movie nights for residents.

4. Happy hour

Cheers! Gather with friends, celebrate over a glass of wine, craft beer or a delicious cocktail this winter.

At every Parkland, social events happen daily and happy hours are scheduled as part of the Harmony Wellness Program.

5. Curling up with a good book

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, there’s something special about curling up and reading a great book.

Parkland residents enjoy reading their favourite books in one of the many cozy common areas or in the privacy of their suite.

6. Movement

Exercising will not only warm you up, it will improve your strength, flexibility and your mental health – even if it’s just daily, light movement.

At Parkland, Wellness Coordinators work with residents to provide activities and programs customized to your interests, goals, and preferences using our signature Harmony Wellness Program.

7. Friendship

Spending time with people who make you happy is a great way to feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Whether you’re catching up with old friends or making new ones, socializing is a big energy boost.

Parkland prioritizes social connectivity through common areas like dining rooms, game rooms, outdoor gathering spaces and small, on-site classes and workshops.

8. A warm vehicle on a chilly day

When you’re on the go, it can be hard to avoid the cold weather during the winter months. Whether it’s shoveling or clearing snow it’s always nice to get out of the cold and hop into a warm vehicle.

At Parkland, any resident can access chauffeur services either within their monthly package or a la carte. Whether you need to attend an appointment or want to go somewhere for fun, we’re happy to take you there.

9. A trip to the salon or spa

Whether you’re taking a warm bath at home or making a special trip to the spa or salon for a treatment, indulging in self care will warm you up and make you feel your best.

Each Parkland community hosts its own in-house salon or spa. Residents look forward to getting pampered and engaging in good conversation with our licensed hair stylists and estheticians.

10. A snuggle with a pet

Cuddling with your furry friend has many benefits! Not only will it strengthen the bond between you and your pet, it helps relieve anxiety and depression.

We’re pet friendly! Whether you have a small dog or a cat, your pet is welcome to make the move with you to Parkland.

If you would like to learn more about life at Parkland, contact us. One of our Lifestyle Consultants would be happy to discuss your options and find the perfect community for you.