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Bringing the Joy of Music to Everyone

November 20, 2023 Harmony Wellness

Inside every Parkland is a vibrant community of individuals, a variety of amenity spaces and numerous daily activities. Residents can enjoy an abundance of services while creating meaningful connections with fellow residents, and team members. While living at Parkland, residents will meet plenty of new faces and make lasting memories with neighbours. They have the opportunity to be engaged in customized programs that are designed to stimulate your mind, body and soul.

The Harmony Wellness Program regularly schedules onsite activities and organized events catered to interests among the residents. The professional wellness coaches meet with each resident one-on-one to understand the residents’ interests, goals and preferences for wellness and social activities.

The Harmony Wellness Program focuses on the six key dimensions of personal wellbeing: spiritual, emotional, vocational, physical, intellectual, and social. In particular, the spiritual wellness dimension helps residents establish peace and harmony in their lives. It helps develop congruency between values and actions and to realize a common purpose that binds creation together. The benefits of incorporating spiritual dimension in senior living is it offers a sense of purpose and provides fulfillment they once had.

Parkland West Bedford uses the spiritual dimension in their wellness programming by creating intergenerational relationships with seniors and children. Parkland West Bedford partnered with Joyful Sounds for Intergenerational classes. Children 0-5 years old and their parents are invited to join the residents for Kindermusik. The bi-weekly event brings the joy of music to everyone with instruments and dancing. “The purpose of this event is to create a new community with the seniors and children. My favourite part of Kindermusik at Parkland West Bedford is seeing all the smiles and the connections being created.” says Early Childhood Educator and support, Sarah Sani. “The emotional wellness that occurs for all involved is simply magical.”

The intergenerational events that occur at Parkland provide the resident’s companionship. It gives them the opportunity to share wisdom and experiences and a change of pace of daily life. The Kindermusik classes are a world of discovery and adventure. It happens within a nurturing environment-full of energy, imagination, music, dancing, and playful delight. The children are invited to socialize with the residents with song and dance, and even high fives.

Another way Parkland uses the spiritual dimension is by beliefs and practices. Residents can hour their beliefs and practice through religious studies, clubs and meditations. Religious studies help with seniors’ mental health. It contributes to a positive and hopeful attitude about life. Parkland Riverview and Parkland on the River offer residents a weekly bible study where a pastor from a local church come in to host and talk to the residents. Along with the bible study, Parkland Riverview have a full church service where the residents lead choir sing at and the residents can join in with the hymn sing-along. “Residents really look forward to coming together and sing their favourite hymns together.” says Nancy LaForest, the Activity Coordinator at Parkland Riverview.

Parkland on the Glen celebrated Diwali with some amazing henna application on the residents’ hands and delicious Indian sweets. Diwali, also called Deepavali, a Hindu Festival celebrating the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. “Residents at Parkland had an amazing time talking with our recreation team members and learning more about Hindu culture.” says Yatri Patel, Recreation & Wellness Manager at Parkland on the Glen.

At Parkland, we invite residents to come together and to share their talents with everyone and to celebrate everyone in the Parkland community. Parkland Clayton Park created a “Pondering Poetry Group” where residents meet once a month and bring along a poem they have created or a poem that is their favourite. Everyone is given the opportunity to read what they have created and discuss each. Amanda Brown at Parkland Clayton Park says “This is an enjoyable group that really makes us feel all the emotions in one hour.” Poetry is an outlet to express frustration, anger, and negative thoughts in a safe way.

Life at Parkland means doing more of what you love while being able to support your health and wellbeing. Living at one of the vibrant communities can help you live your best life while meeting new faces and trying the various programs and amenities offered. Without having to go far, residents can stay healthy with friends and neighbours with the Harmony Wellness Program. Book a tour and experience life at Parkland today!

Stay tuned for our next blog about Six Dimensions of Harmony Wellness.