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Socializing with Neighbours and Friends

July 14, 2023 Harmony Wellness

Living in a vibrant and engaging community can make a world of difference in our lives, especially as we age. At Parkland Communities, residents can socialize with neighbours and friends through a variety of customized activities and programs to stimulate their mind, body, and soul. It is a place where laughter fills the air, evenings are spent with friends, and overall health is prioritized through exclusive offerings.

To ensure that everyone feels included, every new resident is invited to meet with a Wellness Coach, who creates a monthly calendar of on-and-off campus activities that reflect the community, season, special occasions, and resident interests. They will collaborate closely with residents which allows them to customize their experience and add their own wellness activities such as reading groups, external group meetings or seminars, to the events calendar. Events at Parkland Communities are led by a diverse group of individuals, including team members, external partners, and residents themselves, who bring a wealth of talent as experienced artists, golfers, musicians, and writers. These events provide the perfect opportunity for residents to engage in activities they are enthusiastic about while strengthening friendships and companionships.

The signature Harmony Wellness Program at Parkland focuses on supporting six dimensions of wellness: emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, vocational, and social. In particular, the social dimension plays a crucial role in connecting residents with like-minded individuals for activities that cater to their interests and schedules. Research has proven that socialization among seniors has multiple benefits, it improves quality of life and prevents cognitive decline such as memory loss. A study from Harvard Medical School found that seniors who have strong social lives benefit in multiple ways, such as higher levels of physical activity, more positive moods, and fewer negative feelings. “Harmony Wellness has a great schedule where I can keep my mind occupied and do more of what I love,” says Parkland at the Garden resident, Joyce.

One heartwarming example is the story of Joyce Landry, a resident at Parkland at the Gardens. Joyce, a music lover, invited her brother Kent to play music for her friends and neighbours one evening. As they enjoyed the beautiful sounds of ABBA, the joyous atmosphere inspired Joyce to start dancing. Soon enough, her friends and even the team members joined in the impromptu dance party. “Dancing is good for the mind, body and soul, it keeps the mind occupied while being physical,” says Joyce. With the help of Parkland’s team members and the Harmony and Wellness Program, Joyce has created a weekly dance party every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. with Kent providing live piano music to get everyone moving.

Another Parkland community, Parkland Ajax in Ontario, hosts an exceptional Tea Social on the first Wednesdays of the month. This event brings residents together to socialize over tea, coffee, and treats while enjoying local entertainment. The Tea Social not only allows residents to meet one another but also contributes to building a strong and supportive community where everyone feels welcome.

To foster even greater connections, neighbouring Parkland communities often join forces to create memorable experiences. For example, Parkland Saint John and Parkland in the Valley, located just 20 minutes away from each other, hosted a series of live music events under the stars in the summer. Every Wednesday evening, residents from both communities came together, listened to local entertainment, and forged new friendships. To ensure everyone’s safety Parkland Saint John hosted the event under their gazebo while Parkland in the Valley provided transportation.

If you or a loved one is considering moving into a Parkland Community, contact us today! A Lifestyle Consultant will be more than happy to discuss your options and help you find the perfect community that suits your needs and desires. Embrace the opportunity and socialize with neighbours and friends, create lasting memories, and live your best life at Parkland.

Stay tuned for our next blog about Six Dimensions of Harmony Wellness.