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Yes, We’re Pet Friendly

January 17, 2024 A Day in the Life

Did you know all our Parkland locations are pet friendly? Your pet is a member of the family and when we can, we are happy to welcome small dogs and cats. We know transitioning from your home to a retirement community can be a big decision and we strive to find ways to make it easier for you such as our pet-friendly environment. Our Parkland communities are in scenic neighbourhoods with well-maintained trails, walkways and greenspaces for you and your furry friend to enjoy. Some of our communities even feature a pet spa where you can bathe your pets after a muddy walk or before a family photoshoot. It’s a clean and free space for your pet to feel pampered.

Barbara Miller, a resident at Parkland West Bedford since August 2023, moved to our community after her husband passed away. Barbara and her husband rescued their dog George, four years ago, and he’s been her loyal companion ever since. Barbara and George take daily walks, rain or shine, with Barbara particularly enjoying the trail that leads to a picturesque pond with a waterfall in the forest. “Having George with me means a great deal, I’m not use to being along and having George has really helped me.”

Barbara, who has had dogs most of her life, made it clear that bringing her dog with her to a retirement community was non-negotiable. When she learned that Parkland welcomed pets, she knew it was the right choice for her. “I made the decision to move, and I was ready. I am very happy to be here, and I feel so much safer. Everyone is so accommodating, and I’m very pleased at how helpful the team is.”

High quality social connections are essential to our mental and physical health and our wellbeing. The World Health Organization reported that social isolation and loneliness are widespread, with an estimated one in four older people experiencing it. Research has shown that pet ownership can provide crucial social and emotional support for seniors, reducing distress, loneliness, and improving overall quality of life (American Humane). At Parkland, we aim to provide the highest quality of living, ensuring that pets are not just accommodated but also celebrated.

Pets are our best friends and companions, and losing contact with them can be devastating. Here are some of the benefits seniors can gain from living with a pet:

Pets boost both physical and mental health

While petting or holding an animal, it provides a calming effect and may help lower blood pressure.

Dogs are a great excuse to get more exercise

Dogs need to be walked at least once a day, which gets you moving and outside into the fresh air.

Pets encourage social encounters

Pets can alleviate some of the isolation that can affect seniors.

Pets offer purpose and companionship

Having a pet provides structure and purpose, requiring seniors to supply love, food, interaction, and exercise.

If caring for a pet independently is challenging, we welcome family members to bring pets for visits or offer sessions with specially trained therapy dogs from the community. Therapy dogs frequently visit residents to brighten their day, reduce stress, and evoke happy memories of past pets. These moments help residents form special bonds with animals, fostering a sense of happiness and well-being.

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