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Parkland Seafood Chowder

July 4, 2019 What’s for Dinner?
Bowl of chowder soup with glass of wine and dinner roll

The secret is out. Our famous seafood chowder recipe, a daily staple on the menus of every Parkland property, prepared fresh daily with high quality Maritime seafood. Enjoy this recipe all year long.

Serves 10 (We promise you’ll want leftovers!)

6 oz. Baby Shrimp
6 oz. Broken Scallops
12 oz. Haddock
3 oz. Lobster, broken
275 ml Water
3 oz. Clams with juice
3 oz. Bacon
3 oz. Celery
2 oz. Green onion
1 oz. Butter
45 ml Flour
360 ml each 2% and 35% milk
11 oz. Potatoes
Dill as needed, salt and pepper to taste
1 Add seafood, along with water, simmer 20 mins. 
Remove cooked seafood and keep cooking liquid.
2 In another pot render bacon then add celery and onions,
do not brown.
3 Add butter, let melt then add flour.
Add cooking liquid to pot, stir until thickened.
4 Add in dairy and bring to a simmer, then add diced
potatoes. Cook 15 mins.
5 Stir in cooked seafood and dill, season to taste.