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Old Friends, New Beginnings

January 17, 2020 New Beginnings
Four senior women smiling in front of Shannex Parkland sign

Doris Fitzpatrick, Irene LeBlanc, Simone Gallant and Bella Spence met as children in Richibucto, New Brunswick. In the late 1930s and early 1940s they were enrolled in the same school, attended the same church and sang in the choir together.

When they reached adulthood, they all went their separate ways. Doris worked for Bell in Montreal and Ottawa; Irene became a public health nurse in the U.S. before returning to Kent County to work in schools; Simone became a school teacher who travelled the world, even teaching in the Netherlands for a few years; and Bella was a long-time activity director at Rexton Nursing Home.

After being reunited in the early 1990s, the gang was separated once again but continued to stay in touch. It was during this time that Bella moved into Royal Court at Parkland Riverview.

With Bella’s encouraging words Irene, Doris and Simone decided it was time to make the move. Doris was the first to move to Royal Court with Simone following shortly after. Irene made the moved in February 2018 and the Richibucto girls were reunited once again.

“Bella being so positive about everything at Parkland gave us the courage to take the big step” said Simone.

The Richibucto girls now spend their days sharing stories, playing cards and living their best lives at Parkland.