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Living at Parkland at the Lakes

January 25, 2024 A Day in the Life

Referred to as the “City of Lakes”, Dartmouth is known for its sense of community. Inside Parkland at the Lakes, is a vibrant community and lots of choice – from our welcoming amenity spaces to daily activities, menu options and more. You can be as busy as you’d like or enjoy the peace in your private apartment.

Edith Paul, resident of Harris Hall at Parkland at the Lakes moved into her All-Inclusive Lifestyle apartment in June 2023. Edith and her husband came to Parkland a few years ago for a 90th birthday and fell in love with the community but they weren’t ready to move until last February. “I woke up one morning in my beautiful condo in Portland Estates and said, it’s time to move.”

Edith keeps busy with her friends and family that still live in Parkland that she has known for over 60 years. She walks around the building and does fitness classes 3 days a week. When she’s not busy with fitness classes or friends, she likes to relax in her suite with a book or doing a puzzle.

While Edith was living in her condo, she used to do a lot of painting and sold almost 50 paintings. “The team at Parkland allowed me to put on an art show and sell my paintings to my neighbours. They supported me by giving me a space to put my artwork up and communicated with the other residents to come and check it out.” Since living at Parkland, she has been ready to try something new with the variety of programs and events Harmony Wellness team organizes.

At Parkland, residents continue to feel at home with Lifestyle Options ranging from Lifestyle Apartments suites to All-inclusive and Supportive Living options. Harris Hall is one of the All-Inclusive communities that offers residents restaurant style dining, housekeeping, transportation services and more. Residents have the freedom to maintain an active, healthy, and carefree lifestyle.

Dining at Parkland is always a social occasion. Whether sharing a table with neighbours, friends or visiting family, residents enjoy a dining environment that consistently delivers on taste, service, and atmosphere. “I was very excited to not have to make my own meals or do my own dishes.” Each week, Parkland’s certified culinary team designs seasonally themed menus inspired by residents and the surrounding community, using local products whenever possible to deliver a variety of quality and nutritious meals. “I like a lot of the meals here, there’s so much choice, like scallops, cabbage rolls, and variety of fresh veggies.”

Edith also loves to take advantage of the transportation services for her appointments. “They are very accommodating. As soon as I know I have an appointment, Ann makes it work.” The transportation services at Parkland offer residents peace of mind providing transportation to their appointments, grocery shopping and more. Harmony Wellness Program also uses the transportation service to offer residents different outings around the city.

Parkland invites you to experience the highest and most enjoyable quality of living that comes from the team who don’t just provide service, they truly care about you. They get to know you and your interests, and they dedicate themselves to your comfort, leisure, health, and wellness. “I love the team. I’ve been very kindly treated. I am very comfortable with the people here and always feel supportive.” Edith talks very highly of the team at Parkland at the Lakes. “I have a joy of living here, I’m not under a lot of rules. I love to be able to have something to look forward to.”

While each Parkland is unique, you can always expect excellent service by Great People. Learn more about Parkland at the Lakes, book a tour today!