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Dining at Parkland: nutritious and delicious

March 1, 2021 A Day in the Life
Parkland chef presenting stew dish in kitchen

James Betts is the executive chef at Parkland Truro and has over 28 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Nutrition Month is celebrated every March and encourages people to make healthy food choices and learn about good eating and exercising habits. James says it’s important to promote healthy food choices and eating habits year-round.  

“I try to make things interesting and pack as much nutrition and flavor to them as possible,” says James. “We try to keep it low sodium and include as much fresh vegetables as we can and we try to do everything from scratch so there’s not a lot of pre-made food. We make it as healthy as we can.”  

When it comes to dietary restrictions, James and his team are always willing to accommodate. “We also have a couple gluten-free residents, so I really try to tailor my whole menu to being gluten free, so they don’t feel like they have to order something special. I really try to make it the norm, not the exception,” says James. 

As for tips for healthy eating, James says it’s best to have a colourful meal. “The best tip I can give us just eat the rainbow,” says James. “If everything on your plate is the same color, it’s not only super boring to look at, it’s also boring for your body too.”  

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