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My Parkland Tour

March 21, 2019 A Day in the Life

By Ardeth Holmes

My Parkland Tour
As we turned into the Campus on 40 Vitality Way,
The buildings sat solidly on meticulously landscaped grounds.
The Canada Geese and I…
Have much in common.
A lay-by to rest, and be nourished
For the next leg of our journey.
The outer doors opened…
And joy flowed out.
I stepped through the inner door where…
A waterfall reminded me of the ebb and flow of life.
We were greeted with welcome smiles..
And the tour began.
Wide hallways, lovely colours…
A movie theatre, a gathering place for concerts,
And a beautifully appointed dining room.
Attention to details creates both beauty
And a feeling of home.
Two weeks later I was ensconced in my own little nest.
What would this month bring for answers?
How would this space support me?
And life is not just about a roof over your head.
I found the heart of who I am.
My four passions in life enlivened…
People, the natural environment, the built environment,
And Creativity.