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How to Stay Active When Practicing Social Distancing

March 20, 2020 A Day in the Life
Covid-19 wellness guide

Keeping active is paramount for good mental and physical health. With the current pandemic of COVID-19 and the government’s instruction for social distancing, our team has prepared a guide to keep you stay active at home.

Write or Create Art

Boredom can lead to creativity. Bring thought to pen and paper, or brush to canvas to create something wonderful.

Knit or Crochet

Start with new patterns you have always wanted to try or work on an older unfinished project. Knitting promotes relaxation and peace of mind!


Now may be the best time to grab a large blanket and cozy up with a good book. There are many great books available in Parkland’s onsite libraries.

Connect with Friends and Family

Technology is great in these difficult times. Reach out to your family, friends and neighbours using technology and even have them join you for your morning cup of tea. Stay connected using the phone or email.


Meditating helps us to control our mind and thoughts and turn off our mind when we do not need it anymore. Meditation can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries and anxiety to feel well.

  1. Sit for just two minutes…
  2. Do it first thing each morning…
  3. Don’t get caught up in the how — just do…
  4. Check in with how you’re feeling…
  5. Count your breaths…
  6. Come back when you wander…
  7. Develop a loving attitude.


Self Care affects your mental, physical and social health. While adhering to the principles of social distancing, take care of yourself by eating healthy, well-balanced meals, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep.


The right soothing melodies can also help melt away stress and make you feel more relaxed.


You’d be surprised at how the right light can create a stress-relieving mood.

Watch uplifting shows

  • Try watching one of the interesting TED talks on youtube.com
  • Start a new series on Netflix

Play a Hallway Game with the Residents on your floor

  • Hallway Bingo
  • Hallway Choir

How are you staying active? We would love to hear from you! Share your ideas with us at connections@shannex.com