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Gordon McKay: First Time Author

May 4, 2022 New Beginnings

Parkland in the Valley resident Gordon McKay recently published his first novel, “When Fire Strikes,” which chronicles his 40-year firefighting career in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Gordon says that the novel highlights his most memorable moments on the frontlines. “These were stories of my own,” says Gordon. “Once I started writing, it just started flowing. It was all tucked away in the back of my mind,” he adds.

He started writing the book in 2020 after his family encouraged him to do so. “My grandson and granddaughter wanted me to write this book so they would have something to remember me by,” says Gordon. “I wouldn’t have thought about it if my family had not pushed me to write it.” But once he got going, it only took him a couple of months to complete.

Gordon says that most people heard of his book through social media and word of mouth from his family and friends. In February, CTV Atlantic News interviewed Gordon about his book, which created an even bigger demand. So far, Gordon has sold 210 copies. “The response has been amazing,” says Gordon with a smile. “Even strangers came by to purchase a book!”

And if you’re wondering what’s next for Gordon – it’s another book! “I started a new novel on March 7, 2022,” he says. “This book is based on fiction about a cruise ship on fire in the Bay of Fundy.”

If anyone in retirement is thinking of writing a novel, the now published author has one piece of advice: “Just do it!”

You can pick up your copy of “When Fire Strikes” by Gordon McKay at Concorde Hall, Parkland in the Valley in Quispamsis, N.B