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Meaningful Experiences at Parkland

September 28, 2023 Harmony Wellness

Life at Parkland means you can enjoy an abundance of services while creating meaningful connections with fellow residents, team members, and even furry friends that come to visit. While living at Parkland, you’ll meet plenty of new faces and make lasting memories with neighbours. Every community is vibrant and beautifully designed to help seniors live comfortably as they keep doing more of what they love.

The wellness of residents is our top priority, that is why the signature Harmony Wellness Program focuses on six key dimensions of personal wellbeing: social, physical, vocational, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. Wellness coaches plan their programs with these dimensions and the interests of residents in mind. With collaboration from residents, wellness coaches create monthly wellness calendars that include a variety of recreational programs and activities shaped through the six dimensions. The interests, hobbies, and preferences of residents are reflected in the activities planned at Parkland through things like movie nights, meditation, tai chi, and much more!

The emotional dimension of the Harmony Wellness Program focuses on continuing to build positive attitudes and peace of mind while living at Parkland. Programs and activities that use this dimension are often tailored to help residents interact with those around them in a meaningful and rewarding manner. Residents can connect with others as they experience the best of what retirement living has to offer.

Parkland on Eglinton West honoured their past residents through a Legacy Memorial Celebration. Friends, families, team members, and residents gathered at Parkland on Eglinton West’s courtyard to celebrate the lives and memories of those that have departed. Together as a community, this celebration of life allowed people to reflect on the emotions with each other through a guided meditation, rose ceremony, and releasing of doves. Around 65 residents were honoured on Friday, July 21st where their stories were shared by their families, friends, and the team members. Although the emotions were shared by their families, friends, and the team members. Although the emotions were feelings of sadness and pain from losing someone dear to them, the Legacy Memorial Celebration helped people celebrated the incredible lives and memories of passed residents.

Another ways the communities incorporate the emotional wellness dimension is by bringing in four legged friends to greet the residents. Therapy dogs frequently visit residents to brighten their day. Parkland Truro welcomes a therapy dog named Midnight, every Saturday to spend some quality time with residents. Often, residents look forward to seeing Midnight when he stops by for a visit. They are able to have joyful moments through pets, cuddles, and smiles.

Parkland Fredericton residents are also visited by therapy dogs like McGuire from the Saint John Ambulance. He regularly comes to visit residents living within Parkland Fredericton’s supportive lifestyle community. Residents love seeing the bright smile and happy face McGuire brings when coming to our Parkland community. The joy residents feel when seeing McGuire is something our team members always look forward to seeing.

Visits from therapy dogs like Midnight and McGuire can help reduce the stress and worry seniors may experience. This can even bring back childhood memories with family dogs or ones they cared for in the past. Moments like these can help residents create special bonds with animals and make others feel happy.

In addition, Parkland Fredericton uses the emotional dimension when planning events like a weekly manicure. During the afternoon, team members give residents a manicure while they listen to relaxing music. They enjoy being pampered while listening to calming music and chatting with other residents. Team members also encourage residents to take part in practicing mindfulness through being fully present with their feelings. Residents at Parkland Fredericton have described “feeling excited to attend this activity” and that it is something “they look forward to.” It’s not everyday people can treat themselves to getting their nails done, especially by someone else in their own home.

Life at Parkland means doing more of what you love while being able to support your health and wellbeing. Residents can experience the highest and most enjoyable quality of life when living at Parkland. Wellness coaches meet with residents one-on-one to understand their interests, goals, and preferences when it comes to their wellbeing and social activities. Living at one of the vibrant communities can help you live your best life while meeting new faces and trying the various programs and amenities offered. Without having to go far, residents can stay healthy with friends and neighbours with the Harmony Wellness Program.

Keep an eye out for the next blog post on our other Harmony Wellness dimension.