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The purpose of each post is to portray what Life at Parkland looks like and to give our readers insight into retirement living and the importance of health and wellness for both our staff and residents. We also aim to provide you with valuable resources, stories from our incredible communities, and celebrations of ‘Living Your Best Life.’

We Contribute to Communities, Together.

For the past month, Parkland residents have come together once a week to design a tree for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia’s 30th annual Forest of Trees happening November 20-27.…

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Parkland at the Common: Nocturne 2021 Emerging Artist Partner

At Parkland, the value of art, creative expression and storytelling is unmatched. Inspired by those who share a love of art, every Parkland community is thoughtfully designed with the addition of beautiful…

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Meet Bob and Daphne

Approaching a blank canvas can be as exciting as it is challenging, to decide how to begin. Bob and Daphne will tell you the best way to get started is by jumping…

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Meet Ken and Monique

Both a friend and neighbour to many Parkland residents, Ken has become the in-house expert when it comes to pool, providing tips and encouragement with a healthy dose of friendly competition. Ken…

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