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September 20, 2023 A Day in the Life

Inside every Parkland is a vibrant community full of incredible people. Many of our residents are storytellers, jokesters, singers, dancers, writers, and accomplished artisans who share their talents with team members and other residents.

Parkland at the Lakes resident Carmen Moir is a Dalhousie University Alumni who lives his life to the fullest! After graduating 73 years ago, Carmen went back to Dalhousie and graduated from Teacher Training. He then became a teacher at Lockport Highschool, teaching science, physics, chemistry, and math. Afterwards, he returned to Dalhousie to become a professor in education, where he then became the President of the Alumni and achieved another degree in Honorary of Law.

“I wanted to try everything” says Carmen who didn’t stop there. He loved to travel and when he worked as the Chairman for the Ministry of Military Defense, he taught the young cadets which brought him all over the world like South America, Europe, and the Middle East. “I just love to start new things and just do it.”

During his time at Dal, he learned how to talk to everybody and play bridge. He graduated with 500 other people, mostly military looking to start their new chapter after the war. Carmen mentions that his graduating class was one of the largest, “Graduation had to be in the Capital Theatre, as there was nothing on campus to carry that many people.”

When asked what kind of advice he would give to a new graduate coming out of Dalhousie, he says: “Don’t be afraid to try new things, just do it” as that was and still is his big motto in life. When asked for his advice for new residents coming to Parkland, he gave the same advice, “Just do it.”

Carmen moved to Parkland at the Lakes with his wife 9 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He’s been involved in many things in the community including creating his own events with the Harmony Wellness team. With his teaching background, he was able to use it through creating “Reach for the Top” where he was a judge on a trivia game with the residents. He also initiated Men’s Coffee Hour that occurs every morning where he brings in different speakers. “I try to use the residents as speakers because we have a lot of people living here with loads of stories from travelling to what they did before retirement,” Carmen says. He also invited Shannex President, Jason Shannon to come in and talk to the group about his story.

Parkland’s Harmony Wellness Program gives residents an opportunity to be engaged in customized seniors activities and programs designed to stimulate your mind, body and soul. The wellness coaches will work with each resident one-on-one to understand their interests, goals and preferences for wellness and social activities and are given the opportunity to add their own wellness activities. “Harmony Wellness give you the opportunity to be able to do it,” Carmen says.

When Carmen isn’t busy with activities, you will find him out on drives with his daughter to Martinique Beach or to Peggy’s Cove. “I am always interested to know what’s going on inside and outside my community.” He also likes getting his exercise in by walking back and forth through the building. Parkland at the Lakes has many different buildings that are attached through walking paths, so when it’s cold outside, the residents don’t have to worry about walking through snow when going to see their friends.

“My favourite thing about Parkland is the different programs, the variety of choices in dining and the Great People” Carmen says that the team at Parkland is wonderful and he’s not afraid to ask them questions or request to create the different activities. From the front desk concierge and chauffeur to in-house chefs, wellness coaches and licensed healthcare professionals, the entire team at Parkland is dedicated to taking care of your every need. Parkland’s goal every day is to help you continue to live your best life.

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