Keeping our Communities Safe

Your Safety, Health and Well-being

Ensuring your health and safety is of the utmost importance. At Parkland, our team members are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can have peace-of-mind knowing every community is equipped with backup power, quality air filtration and emergency response systems. 

For your protection, we have robust and strictly enforced infection prevention and control procedures for everyone living in, visiting, or working within our communities. Our vaccination policy for all employees means you and your families can enjoy your home worry-free.  

Pandemic Response

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team members have been at the heart of our pandemic response. In January 2020, we activated our Pandemic Response Team as the COVID-19 virus started making its way into Canada. This team worked closely with frontline teams. The group includes a variety of specialists committed to working with our frontline teams to action the organization’s pandemic plan across all our residences in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario. The team is made up of:

  • Infection Prevention and Control Specialist
  • Occupational Health Teams
  • Corporate Clinical Health Team
  • Chief Medical Advisor
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Team 
  • Procurement 

Keeping our Communities Safe

When public health directives are provided, we adopt a strict interpretation of the guidelines to protect every person who is part of our communities. Actions to protect residents are based on emerging risks and adapted according to the current pandemic status. This includes visitor restrictions, symptom/risk screening, physical distancing and use of personal protective equipment. 

Clean Air, Healthy Environments 

Fresh air is essential to your overall well-being. To make sure you’re breathing clean air, our communities are all equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC systems to ensure fresh air can be circulated throughout amenity spaces, common areas and suites. In addition to optimal air quality, our teams are committed to ensuring high tra­c areas are regularly disinfected. 

Our team of in-house engineers who maintain our air quality and building systems are continuously looking at new innovative solutions to keep our communities beautiful and safe places to live.

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