Peace of Mind

Medication Administration Services will support you in taking medication correctly, as directed by your physician. Parkland’s certified team members will fill and pick up all prescriptions as needed and will maintain regular contact with your physician to keep your medications up to date. As a member of the Parkland community, you know there is nothing more important than providing service excellence to you every day. Medication Administration will give you more time doing what you love and a peace of mind knowing your medication is taken care of.

Parkland offers a variety of healthcare services designed to enhance your life and maintain your independence. Medication Administration is included to residents in the Supportive Lifestyle Option. If residents in Independent Lifestyle are interested, they can add on to their service package through Parkland Plus.

Did you know?

Over half of Canadian adults take at least one prescription medication and around 50% of them do not take medication as prescribed.

The benefits of using Medication Administration:

  • Certified team members have daily individual touchpoints with you providing peace of mind that you are able to address any health status changes in a timely manner
  • You are more likely to meet your health care goals;
  • Less likely to experience side effects, duplication and drug interactions and;
  • Are less likely to need to go to the emergency room or be hospitalized due to taking medication incorrectly or not taking prescribed medications