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Shared Housing: a Growing Trend for Seniors

September 24, 2019 Spaces

If you have ever lived in a dorm chances are you remember the day you first moved in. The excitement of a new space, the nervousness of who your new roommates are going to be, and the relief you feel after you start to fall into sync with each other.

This is a feeling that will no longer be shared just by college freshmen but also by a new segment of the population in coming years.

Shared housing is a growing trend among seniors of all ages as they transition towards new and changing lifestyles. While that may sound like quite the adjustment at first, many residents taking part so far have had nothing but positive experiences in this new housing situation.

Benefits of sharing accommodations

There are many reasons why this living situation is becoming more and more enticing, and perhaps the biggest one is price.  Yes, you will be sharing space with someone but you will also be sharing expenses for amenities, rent, groceries, and maybe even a little wine. All the necessities.

Shared apartment responsibilities

There are of course other advantages to sharing housing with someone, and these become even more apparent as we age. Residents enjoying this new style of living have reported unexpected advantages, such as apartment maintenance. Responsibilities can weigh more heavily on us as we age. It is often helpful to have someone there not only to help along the way, but also someone who in turn counts on you. This not only makes everyday tasks easier, but can foster incredibly strong relationships among residents.

Improved mental health

Shared accommodation living situations have also been proven to be beneficial to the mental health of seniors. Nicole Anderson is a psychologist and researcher at Baycrest Health Sciences a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging.  “Those who lack social connections are also at higher risk for dementia,” explained Anderson. “Having somebody there in close proximity when you need some help or some support is fantastic.”

Be part of a community

But what else does this living situation offer? For those who choose to move into lifestyle residences, an option that is becoming more and more popular, it offers a sense of community. Residents at Parkland on the Glen not only enjoy all these advantages, but also have a community right outside their door that is specially built to be as accessible and enjoyable as possible. Parkland on the Glen features a registered physiotherapist, chiropodist, visiting doctor and massage therapist, as well as towel and linen laundry service, cable TV, an active social calendar, and much more. This is what we call All-Inclusive Living.

Parkland on the Glen

Our residences are also very secure. The buildings are equipped with a 24-hour monitored interactive personal emergency response system, support handrails in elevators, spacious hallways, a generator for full back-up emergency power and 24-hour staffing for peace of mind.

Although shared accommodations are still relatively uncommon for seniors, there are many reasons more and more people are choosing it as they age: the money saved, the standard of living, and most importantly, the freedom gained.

Take a look at the Lifestyle Options offered at Parkland.