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A Year at Parkland Antigonish: A Journey in Hospitality

March 11, 2024 Great People

“Rylan was a rock star during the epic snowfall we had. He stayed all weekend and helped in multiple roles and with coordinating staff as a main point of contact. He even had the opportunity to get a ride home with his mother but stayed to help out one more night!” Lifestyle Consultant, Brenna MacDonald says about fellow team member, Rylan DeCoste.

Working at Parkland you’ll find an environment that reflects a shared sense of pride and purpose from those who live and work inside. Coming to work every day generates a feeling of anticipation, excitement and confidence knowing they’re going to make a difference.

Rylan DeCoste, server, and concierge at Parkland Antigonish started working in April 2023 and has made a difference in the residents’ and team members’ lives. “What I love most about my role is the genuine happiness I feel when this job has not only provided me with financial stability but has also ignited a passion for hospitality within me.” Rylan says.

A typical day for Rylan starts with a warm greeting to the residents, followed by assisting in the kitchen with various tasks like making side salads or chopping fresh fruit. He then helps with serving the residents lunch where he can talk to them and form genuine connections with all of them. “My favourite perk of working at Parkland is the opportunity to build relationships with the residents. I have formed special bonds with many of them, such as chatting with Calvin about baseball or knowing John’s favorite salad and dessert preferences. These connections make my job meaningful and fulfilling, as I can directly impact the residents’ lives in a positive way.”

At Parkland, our team of Great People will not only work for the residents, they also care about their fellow team’s development and values. Our Great People are seen, heard, and celebrated and are encouraged to consider pathways to organizational and operational leaderships.

“One of the most remarkable aspects of working at Parkland is the support I receive from management and coworkers. During storms, we are offered a safe place to stay with warm meals provided, showcasing the care and concern the management team has for our well-being. The working culture at Parkland is incredibly positive, with everyone dedicated to making the residents’ lives better while finding joy and fulfillment in their work. Looking towards the future, this job has sparked my interest in hospitality management. I plan to pursue a business degree at STFX, allowing me to continue working at Parkland while furthering my education.”

For the past 35 years, the most important part of our story has been the continuing commitment of Great People who take pride in delivering exceptional service in our communities. For those who bring our guiding principles to life while being compassionate, honest, professional and safe, a long and fulfilling career awaits.

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