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Parkland’s Walk Across Canada

December 12, 2023 Always Parkland

Inside every Parkland is a vibrant community and lots of choice – from our welcoming amenity spaces to daily activities, menu options and more. At Parkland, you can be as busy as you’d like or enjoy the peace in your own private apartment.

The health, wellbeing, comfort and leisure of residents is something Parkland’s Harmony Wellness Program is dedicated to promoting. Our signature program is guided by six dimensions: social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, and emotional wellbeing. Each community is led by these dimensions and the input from residents when creating their various programs. Interests in our different activities and events are something residents enjoy doing as they create meaningful connections with others in their communities.

The Harmony Wellness Program offers a variety of catered activities for residents to do. In the summer, all Parkland communities participated in the Walk Across Canada challenge where their collective steps were totaled towards how far they were able to walk across the country each week. Some locations were creative with their walking efforts like walking for ice cream or doing theirs through “historical landmarks journey.”

From strolling through beautiful gardens to engaging in group fitness activities, residents have been contributing to the challenge in a variety of ways. Every step residents take is counted towards the virtual walk across Canada. Each Parkland community created their own approach or ideas towards collecting their steps and walking distance.

At Parkland on the River, residents enjoyed the beautiful scenery of their community as they strolled down walking paths. The wellness coaches there helped them count their total distance by measuring the different walking paths and creating a distance sheet that informed them of how far they walked. Residents were also able to use their own fitness trackers and phones to collect their total distance to be added to their weekly tracking sheets. Residents were able to help one another as they challenged themselves to travel across the various provinces and cities.

The walking doesn’t end there, Parkland Antigonish also accepted the challenge and spent time outdoors collecting their steps. The residents were able to track their overall distance with a personalized guide map to help residents know how many kilometers each pathway would be. Residents were able to enjoy the paved walking paths, gardens, and neighbourly charm around their community.

Each week residents were able to look at the “Walk Across Canada wall” to find out how far all the Parkland communities were able to travel to together. From local neighbourhoods to parks, residents in our communities can enjoy the vibrant communities around them.

Residents were able to enjoy the friendly competition as they tracked their progress together. The motivation and energy they felt is something many have expressed. Residents were able to have some fun while staying active and getting outdoors in their communities.

The event ended in August, and the distance each Parkland community measured helped them travel across the country. The walking residents in each of our communities virtually walked to places like the Miramichi River, Old Quebec, West Edmonton Mall and Banff National Park. At only 9 weeks, our residents made the journey from Sydney, NS to Vancouver, BC.

While the event is over, the Harmony Wellness team still find ways inside the building to keep their residents active. Amenities like our indoor pool at Parkland at the Lakes helps residents keep swimming without having to go far and the golf simulator at Parkland Ajax helps residents stay active as they putt around a virtual golf course.

As part of our signature wellness program, staying active and keeping physical fitness in your daily routine is something residents can regularly do at Parkland. Residents can choose from a variety of physical activities to keeping healthy as they age. The interests of residents are always top of mind when creating our various programs. That’s why we create new programs, activities, and challenges regularly for residents to try.

The possibilities are endless fun and enjoyment while maintaining your physical health is something residents don’t get to ignore. Whether it’s enjoying the interactive and engaging programs like the Walk Across Canada challenge or the amenities right at your doorstep, there’s many things to do when living at Parkland.

Interested in learning more about our Harmony Wellness Program? Keep and eye out for our next blog post.