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Meet Kim Davis, a Parkland Superstar

May 28, 2020 Always Parkland
Kim Davis, Health Services Manager at Parkland in the Valley

Kim Davis, LPN, is a Health Services Manager at Parkland. During the pandemic, Kim has refined her skills in prevention planning and has become a mentor for new care staff entering the workforce. Kim is energized by her team at Parkland, who are taking on new roles and continuing to provide exceptional service regardless of the situation. She also expresses her gratitude for the family members of residents who have been encouraging, supportive and uplifting. Kim is one of many superstars working at Parkland.

When asked how Kim stays motivated at work, she attributes her engagement to her team members, residents and family.

“My team motivates me. I see them coming in each day regardless of what is going on. I feel we need to lead by example and I want to be here to support them. I know my residents’ families are relieved when they are able to talk to me about the current situation and I want to make myself available to answer their questions. Since they can’t be here to see their loved one’s we as a team have stepped up to fill this void as best we can. We are a family here,” she says.

Due to the pandemic, Parkland has been required to hire temporary team members to ensure adequate staffing.

“We hired four temporary support workers here at PIV and I am so excited to share that one of these individuals loved the environment here so much she is coming on board as a CSA here at Concorde Hall (the Assisted Living residence at Parkland in the Valley). I couldn’t be more happy to have been a part of this.”

Thank you to Kim and to all the other Superstars working at Parkland who are helping to keep our communities safe places to live and work.

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