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Meet Bella Spence, Parkland Resident

January 11, 2021 Always Parkland
Meet Bella Spence, Parkland resident

The feeling of home.

For Parkland Riverview resident Bella Spence, each day is filled with friends, family and joy. It was six years ago when Bella Spence and her son first visited Parkland Riverview.  

“We looked at many places and when we went in the first day, he said ‘mom, this is it!’ and I said ‘well, Dean, we’ve got to look around,’” but Bella’s mind was made up shortly after as well. “There were people smiling, shaking hands with us, they had a cup of tea, everyone was friendly, I couldn’t get over it,” says Bella, “You just felt at home right away.” 

One of the things that makes Parkland Riverview feel like home for Bella is a busy schedule. For nearly 30 years, Bella worked as an activity coordinator, planning daily activities for seniors and she now finds joy in the daily activities.  

“We tried to plan everything so that there would be something every day, every hour and I guess it never left me really,” says Bella. “I still feel it, I like all of that and maybe that’s why I like everything so much where I am because we have a lot going on too.” 

Bella especially loves events that she can dress up for. She often dresses up with friends and likes to encourage others around Parkland Riverview to do the same.  

“I think it’s very important for us to dress up every day and want to look nice” says Bella. 

Bella has many friends at Parkland that she does activities with, including her three best friends, Doris, Irene and Simone. They were friends in grade school and are fondly known as the Richibucto girls. Today, they enjoy life at Parkland Riverview together. Read more about the Richibucto girls here

Doris Fitzpatrick, Irene LeBlanc, Simone Gallant and Bella Spence met as children in Richibucto, New Brunswick

“It’s very pleasant and we love each other, we’re a big family and I love it where I am. I love going out in the morning, I can’t wait,” says Bella. “It’s not hard to love people and be with them and have them love you too. I think that’s number one being where I am and that’s how it is.” 

Coming Home  – An original poem by Bella Spence 

One day my son said to me, Mom 
I feel it’s time for a change to be done. 
Well, was I surprised and said to him, 
What’s on your mind, I never win. 
He said I worry a lot when you are alone, 
Let’s look around for a brand-new home. 

Away we went hand in hand, 
And found nothing he thought was good and grand. 
We drove around and he took my hand 
We were looking for something really grand. 

All at once he said look up, it looks just grand. 
Well, the name on the front said Parkland. 
In we went and liked it at once. 
Everything was spotless and all very nice, 
Its hard to change our life style you know 
But I knew in my heart he wanted me to go. 

Being safe and never alone, 
It felt like I was coming home. 
It has been 6 years since that special day 
And I’ve never been sorry no way, no way. 

The food fell on my hips and belly, 
And moves around like a bowl of jelly. 
But being happy makes up for a lot, 
And that is what I really got. 
Thank you for all you’ve done, 
I learned a lot from everyone. 

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