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Meet Bree-Lynn Pelly, Lifestyle Consultant at Parkland Truro

August 5, 2020 Always Parkland
Bree-Lynn Pelly, Lifestyle Consultant at Parkland Truro

Bree-Lynn is one of many superstars working at Parkland. Bree-Lynn started with Parkland as the Workforce Coordinator and Business Manager just before COVID-19 made its way into Canada. During the pandemic, Bree-Lynn’s role evolved to manage the Truro regions Designated Care Area (DCA). This meant she was responsible for stocking the isolated unit and ensuring all supplies was in order, should there be a resident who tested positive for COVID-19.

Coordinating Activities for Residents

For the safety of residents and team members, a lot of activities changed and many were cancelled due to the pandemic. Bree-Lynn says that she and the team were focused to ensure the residents were safe, but also happy. Activities happened in smaller groups, sanitation protocols were enhanced and during isolation, the team provided freshly cooked meals to residents’ rooms by tray service. “We treated this as if it was room service. Anything the residents needed we would provide it to them, eliminating any risks of the residents contracting the virus.”

When asked why Bree-Lynn works for Parkland she says, “Because I absolutely love what I do. I started working at Parkland just before the pandemic, so I was uncertain what things would be like. Even though things were unusual (with the pandemic), seeing residents in the hallways, the agility and commitment from the team members… it just feels like I’m home when I am here. We are all a family here. Not just the fact that Parkland is a family business, but also the residents who live here as well.”

Bree-Lynn says that the most challenging thing about the pandemic was having to enforce some tough directives for resident safety, such as limiting visitors. “It’s so difficult to tell somebody, “no you can’t do this” even if they have been doing it for a long time. Their safety is so important. In the end, as hard as it was, it was worth it.”

Supporting the Transition to Retirement

Bree-Lynn is now the Lifestyle Consultant at Parkland Truro. In her role as Lifestyle Consultant, Bree-Lynn is responsible for supporting new residents with the transition to retirement living, helping them to get settled into their new homes.

Bree-Lynn, thank you for your commitment to keeping our residents safe and well.

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