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Choosing Parkland in the Valley

June 12, 2019 Great People

Recreation Coordinator Taylor Noftell loves to talk to people about why they chose Parkland in the Valley. Recently she interviewed resident Edna Hall and her daughter Dale, as well as Client Care Coordinator Lyn Hallewell. Here is what they had to say.

What has it been like to move from one building to another within Parkland in the Valley?

Very smooth, moving from Concorde Hall to Embassy Hall was a dream. My Mom has been in the hospital and was very happy to get back to Parkland in the Valley. The quality has remained the same for my Mom throughout. All staff are very approachable and pleasant to deal with.

Why did you choose Embassy Hall?

Embassy Hall is beautiful, very homey and somewhere I could picture my Mom living. The rooms are very spacious with big windows. My Mom can sit and watch the birds and deer outside. The rooms are so clean. Every time you come in you can see how hard they are working to maintain every area. The food is fantastic and is always improving. They provide wonderful meals with great variety.

Do you feel like your Mom’s needs are being met?

I absolutely adore the staff. They go above and beyond and I can’t choose just one to recognize. I want to recognize them all, because they are all so wonderful. Whether it be housekeeping, maintenance, dietary, restorative, recreation or any nursing staff, they all treat us will so much respect. Everyone interacts and they are all important parts of my Mom’s day. If I call on the phone and my Mom is not there to answer, they will pick up the phone and tell me where she is and what kind of day she is having. The doctors/nursing staff are quick to get my Mom what she needs. They can tell when anything is off about my Mom and what next step to take. Her time is well occupied and the activities are amazing and very stimulating. My mother’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are being met. You are getting great care and fantastic support for both family and residents that live in Embassy Hall. If you can’t be home, this is the place to be!

Lyn Hallewell

Lyn was born and raised in London, England. She completed her nursing degree in 1997 and worked in various departments including ICU, Ophthalmology and community nursing. She came to New Brunswick in 2009 and stayed home with her children before returning to nursing. She came to work at Parkland in the Valley in 2017 as a CCA, and started taking the refresher course so that she could work as a registered nurse. She completed the program in August 2018 and worked as a registered nurse until recently assuming the role of Client Care Coordinator.

What made you choose to go into nursing?

My Mom worked at a hospital and always expressed the need for more nurses. I decided to take a leap and enroll in nursing and quickly fell in love with being a nurse. I loved that I was able to connect with people, look at their illnesses and be able to problem solve to figure out what was wrong. It is so satisfying being part of the healing process.

Why did you choose to work at Parkland in the Valley?

Parkland in the Valley is like my second home. When I come here I am coming to my extended family. They support their staff well and always offers lots of training. The Shannex philosophy is so important and rewarding. I like to remind everyone, especially during interviews, that you are coming to work in someone’s home. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. The atmosphere here is so positive and the whole team works so well together. Shannex is a place of opportunity, When I came on as an RN just finishing my refresher course they looked at all of my experiences. They looked at the whole picture and gave me the fighting chance I deserved. Being here has been a true blessing and I am so happy to be part of a team that continues to support and cheer each other on. Everyone cheered me on from the beginning and they have made my experience very rewarding. I love where I’m at and I’m proud to be part of the Shannex team.