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At Home With Jocelyn

March 2, 2022 At home with

Jocelyn is a resident at Parkland Saint John in New Brunswick. She moved into her studio apartment at Parkland in 2019. One of Jocelyn’s favourite parts about living at Parkland is that family is always welcome.

Where were you were born and where did you call home?

I was born in Charlo, previously known as River Charlo in northern New Brunswick. I spent most of my childhood there, but I moved to Saint John in 1965.

What did you do for work and where did you go to school?

I took a two year course in Nursing Assistance in Campbellton before moving to Saint John. For nearly 15 years I worked as a counsellor for children with special needs at the Dr. Roberts Children’s Hospital School. 

When the hospital closed, the government moved this program for children with special needs from group homes to the Mercantile Centre.

In total, I worked with children with special needs for around 30 years. I retired in the 90’s, but continued to provide private service.

What surprised you the most about moving into Parkland?

I was actually surprised that I was so excited to move. Changes can be hard but coming to Parkland was a no-brainer. The building is great, I made friends in no time. I enjoy afternoons outside watching the sunset, especially in the summer.

What’s your favourite thing about your suite? 

I call it my “woman cave”. I feel like I am in a five-star hotel.

My great grandchildren come all the time. They enjoy hanging out in my suite, coming to the dining room, bowling, theatre, running around the hallways and going to the gazebo.

What’s your favourite design feature of your home?

First is the waterfall when you come into the Lobby. I also really like the bathroom in my suite because it is so easy to get in and out of the spacious shower.

What’s your favourite wellness or social activity to do or attend at Parkland?

Playing Scrabble, team games/competitions and live entertainment.

What’s your favourite pastime when you’re not busy with friends or activities?

While I do like spending time with my friends socializing, I also like spending time alone in my suite. I like playing scrabble on my iPad and of course, I enjoy FaceTime and Facebook.

What’s a meal that you get excited about here?

I like stews and the Chinese food is always great!

Who do you look forward to seeing every day?

All of the employees are good to me. I look forward to seeing them all. I have friends, but I like seeing Norma Gaudet the most. 

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