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At Home With Jerry

March 2, 2022 At home with

Jerry is a resident at Parkland on the Glen in Mississauga. He moved into his two-bedroom suite at Parkland with his wife Jo in September 2021.

Where were you were born and where did you call home?

I grew up in Kemptville, Nova Scotia. 

What did you do for work and where did you go to school?

I went to St. Francis Xavier and it is the best school! I studied engineering and always worked for telecom companies. To pay for my education I served in the army for seven summers and worked in the engineering corp in British Columbia before returning to Nova Scotia for school. After working in Montreal and New York, I came to Ontario in 1975 for work.

Where is your favourite place to spend time when you’re home? 

In the games area, leading the Parkland on the Glen Puzzles Group.

What’s a meal that you get excited about here?

My go-to is the New York strip steak prepared just how I like it. I also love the homemade soups – every day they serve a different kind!

What’s your favourite thing about your suite? 

I like the size of our two-bedroom suite. We were able to bring many of our collectibles. Living at Parkland on the Glen is an extension of my retirement because I can follow my interests and actually share them by incorporating them into weekly activities that we do here.  

The other feature that I love is that we have two bathrooms – One with a shower and one with a bath.

I also love the views of The Collegeway.

What are your favourite pastimes?

I have a lot of interests dating back to when I was a teenager.

I was an avid curler, because my friend’s father was a renowned curler and taught the local high school kids how to play on Saturdays.

I’m also a birder! I have seen over 600 species in North America. At Parkland I make sure the bird feeders are kept full of seeds.

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by puzzles and why and how they work. I have puzzles that I’ve owned for years that I still haven’t figured out. I enjoy sharing my passion with other residents. I have over 50 different kinds of rubik’s cubes.

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