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A Celebration of Indigenous Heritage and Cultural Exchange

July 5, 2023 Always Parkland

Recognizing the immense value of engaging their residents with influential community figures, Parkland at the Gardens orchestrates regular visits from esteemed guest speakers to ensure a continuous connection with the wider world.

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, we welcomed renowned Cree leader Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons, Chair of the North American Indigenous Games Halifax, and Senior National Advisor at Deloitte. Her engaging storytelling, eloquent words, and unwavering passion for her Indigenous heritage resonated deeply with the residents. She shared captivating anecdotes of her personal journey, providing a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Indigenous traditions and the enduring resilience of her people.

Fiona emphasized the significance of acknowledging and rectifying past injustices. She eloquently conveyed the importance of understanding, respect, and empathy in building a harmonious society that cherishes the contributions of Indigenous peoples. The residents were deeply moved by her powerful message, reflecting on their own roles in fostering reconciliation within their community. To further enrich the residents’ experience, Fiona also taught residents and team members a greeting in Mi’kmaq, the Indigenous language spoken by those in Nova Scotia. The simple, yet profound greeting, “Kwe” meaning “hello” served as a bridge, connecting the residents with the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous cultures.

Fiona also talked about the North American Indigenous Games that took place in Halifax July 15 – 23rd. These games promotes Indigenous cultures while empowering young individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Parkland takes pride in it’s commitment to cultivating an environment where residents can continue to learn, grow, and engage with their community. The event celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day, headlined by the remarkable Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons, encapsulated Parkland’s dedication to promoting cultural diversity, unity and reconciliation.