Discover Parkland

We understand home is more than a place. It’s where we feel understood, safe, and cared for. Home is where we gather with friends, enjoy delicious meals, and where conversation always awaits. Every Parkland community across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario is distinctly unique, reflecting our vibrant neighbourhoods and the residents we serve with pride.

Leading the way to better living

For more than three decades, our team has been a trusted provider of services, support and accommodation to seniors with options ranging from independent lifestyle apartments to supportive living. Residents are invited to live their own way and do more of what they love in a premium setting with one monthly bill and social connections that bring peace of mind and lasting friendships.

Do more of what you love

While Parkland is known for unparalleled amenities like beautifully designed suites and exceptional dining, our difference is found in the value we place on making every resident feel at home. Read more about our vision and values.

Every resident is invited to do more of what they love:

  • Visiting local markets in the community
  • Creating art, music
  • Golfing, playing cards or trivia
  • Participating in social and wellness programming
  • Enjoying a walk or morning coffee with friends

With roots in the Maritimes, Parkland hospitality is second to none with dedicated concierge and on-site chauffeur services, modern lounges and private dining spaces for residents to welcome visitors and celebrate special occasions.

Ready to find your Parkland? We’re here to help.

Meet Bob and Daphne

For artists, every masterpiece starts with perspective. Bob and Daphne combined their shared love of art with a history of training others to create a community art program for friends to gather and learn something new.

Meet Ken and Monique

When Ken decided to retire, his pool table became a place to keep busy and build a new skill. Now at Parkland, Ken is an in-house expert, mentor, and friendly competitor to residents and team members like Monique.

More than work

While every Parkland is unique, residents and team members have a shared sense of pride and purpose in their community. For team members, no matter their role or the job at hand, what they do means more than work.

Find your Parkland

Home is more than a place, it’s where we can live our best life. Considering your options? Step inside and see yourself at Parkland. Connect with a member of our team or book a tour and experience exceptional today.

Tools and resources

Whether you or a loved one are exploring a next step, it’s a decision that takes time and you don’t have to do it alone. Our tools and resources can help you prepare, compare and choose based on your individual needs.

How do your costs compare?

Parkland’s all-inclusive lifestyle is designed for seniors wishing to remain independent and worry-free, spending less time on a “to do” list and more time doing what they love.