Employee of retirement home handing guest white folded towels

As part of our commitment to providing a carefree and convenient lifestyle, Parkland is pleased to offer residents a selection of housekeeping and laundry services. Depending on the service package included in a resident’s lifestyle option, weekly housekeeping, linen and personal laundry services can provide more time to relax, socialize and participate in the daily programming.

Below is an outline of what’s typically involved in providing each of these services. Residents who wish to add these services to their lifestyle option or increase the frequency of the service can refer to our Parkland Plus menu or request information from any member of the Parkland team.

Weekly Housekeeping

Each week, a professional housekeeping attendant will arrive, knock and greet each resident. During the service, residents can choose to either remain in the comfort of their suite or enjoy one of the amenity spaces or common areas throughout the building. A fully equipped housekeeping cart will be parked and locked outside the suite during the service, stocked with everything needed to clean the resident’s apartment without leaving anything behind (including used rags or garbage). All cleaning supplies are least-scent and standard across Parkland communities for safe use and ongoing infection prevention and control. Weekly housekeeping includes:

  • Bathroom cleaning, including all fixtures and frequently used items (sink, toilet, tub/shower)
  • Dusting, sweeping and sanitizing high-touch surfaces (e.g. coffee table, nightstand, media unit, door knobs, etc.)
  • Vacuuming and/or mopping all floors
  • Cleaning the exterior of all kitchen appliances (including stove top, outside of fridge and microwave), and cleaning countertops and sink
  • Removing sorted garbage, compost and recycled materials (following local/municipal rules for disposal)
  • Making the resident’s bed

Weekly Linen Service

Linen service includes washing, drying, folding and returning bedding and towels to a resident’s suite. For residents also receiving weekly housekeeping, linen services are completed on the same day.

Personal Laundry

Personal laundry service includes one load of clothing and/or personal items (e.g. dishcloths) to be washed, dried, folded and returned to the resident’s suite. For residents in supportive living, the team member returning the laundry items will also put it away.