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Monthly Cost Comparison

Retirement living at Parkland costs less than you think

No more grocery shopping, food preparation, outdoor maintenance costs, property taxes, membership fees, or rising utility bills. At Parkland, one easy bill takes care of all the little extras, so you can focus on the things you enjoy most.

If you are considering a move to Parkland, we’ve created a handy tool that helps you calculate your current monthly cost of living. The many expenses of maintaining a home as needs change can add up quickly.

Contact us today to see how your own average monthly costs compare to the simple monthly bill you will receive at Parkland. And always remember with your Parkland one monthly bill or when you add recurring services to your one monthly bill, taxes (harmonized sales tax) will not be charged. The price that you see, is the price you pay.

You can also download a PDF version of this handy resource.

*Starting from rates, based on All-Inclusive Lifestyle or Lifestyle Apartments for Parkland Ajax and Parkland on Eglinton West.

    [0] => Monthly mortgage / rent
    [1] => Property tax
    [2] => Property insurance (does not include content & liability insurance)
    [3] => Utilities (gas, hydro, water, electricity)
    [4] => Local phone / cable
    [5] => Maintenance (furnace, plumbing, painting, etc.)
    [6] => Condo fees (including special condo fees in lieu of house repairs)
    [7] => Healthy chef prepared meal(s)
    [8] => Housekeeping & linen service
    [9] => Landscaping (grass, garden, snow removal)
    [10] => Transportation (payments, insurance, fuel, licensing, repairs)
    [11] => Security services
    [12] => Emergency Communication System
    [13] => Social, cultural, recreation events
    [14] => Health / fitness programs
    [15] => Internet

Monthly Cost

My Current Costs


Monthly mortgage / rent
Property tax
Property insurance (does not include content & liability insurance) ^ *
Utilities (gas, hydro, water, electricity) *
Local phone / cable *
Maintenance (furnace, plumbing, painting, etc.) *
Condo fees (including special condo fees in lieu of house repairs)
Healthy chef prepared meal(s) *
Housekeeping & linen service *
Landscaping (grass, garden, snow removal) *
Transportation (payments, insurance, fuel, licensing, repairs) *
Security services *
Emergency Communication System *
Social, cultural, recreation events *
Health / fitness programs *
** Internet
Monthly Cost

* plus tax and/or tip. With Parkland, taxes are included in your one monthly bill.
** communications services may vary. Wi-fi may be additional charge at some locations.
^ personal contents insurance is recommended.

**Please note: Any service that is included as part of the resident lease is HST exempt. HST will be charged to all services purchased a la carte with the exception of care services provided by a licensed professional


Subsidies and Savings Available

Veterans Independence Program (VIP)
The VIP helps you to remain independent in your community by providing financial assistance for supportive care and other needs. For more information on financial support services available to veterans through VIP, contact your local Veterans Affairs office at veterans.gc.ca or call 1-866-522-2122.

Government Subsidy through Department of Social Development (DSD) NB only

All seniors living in a licensed special care community (Assisted Living) qualify for a $343.71 monthly subsidy, and those living in a licensed Memory Care community qualify for a $1,446.55 subsidy from DSD following an assessment. Additionally, seniors may qualify for an income tested subsidy.
Please contact your local Department of Social Development representative for more information.

Did you know you may qualify for certain tax credit/deductions based on the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) eligibility requirements?

Medical Expense Tax Credit
Applies to seniors who have significant medical expenses for themselves.

Disability Tax Credit
Applies to seniors who have a “severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment”.

Disability Support Deduction
Applies to seniors who are generally entitled to claim the disability tax credit but have incurred expenses for personal care that are necessary to enable them to work/attend designated educational institution.

For additional information or see what credits you may qualify for, contact your tax practitioner and/or Canada Revenue Agency to determine optimum claim types for your specific situation.