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Recognizing our Superstars: Lucy O’Donnell

May 29, 2020 Always Parkland

Lucy O’Donnell
Housekeeper, Parkland Truro

Lucy O’Donnell has been recognized by her peers at Parkland Truro for going above and beyond to make the days of residents a little brighter. In addition to her role as a housekeeper, Lucy has now taken on the role of master hair stylist. With the salon being closed, Lucy didn’t want residents going without their weekly hair styling.

“I have always been happiest helping others including my own family. It makes me feel I have contributed something worthwhile, and it’s the best feeling to have at the end of the day especially now during this pandemic.”

Lucy says that washing, cutting and styling residents hair went from being a “nice to have” to an essential service. Many residents were used to having their hair done regularly, and for some that meant not doing their hair at all. Lucy knew the importance of making sure the residents were feeling their best, especially during these challenging times.

“The residents are keeping me motivated; seeing their faces when they arrive to get their hair done, they are a little lighter in their step. After getting their hair done they are happy, smiling – it makes them feel good and gives them something to look forward to every week.”

“It’s a bit more work with wearing PPE and disinfecting after each resident, but it’s so worth it. They understand the measures we have to take in order for us to keep doing this for them…they are so great.”.

Lucy says that everything with her daily work has changed and they are committed to keeping residents safe. She says most importantly, now more than ever it’s important to be aware of the residents’ mental health. It is extremely hard not being able to comfort them; to hold their hand. So the teams are doing everything they can to make sure that residents are engaged and happy, making sure the team can make things feel “normal”.

“We are all doing what we can, I feel all staff are doing their best if they have a skillset outside of work we are trying to bring it in to work, it’s been an incredible experience watching staff doing what they can. From coming in and singing door-to-door, tap dancing outside the building, taking residents outside that need someone with them…I think it’s bringing the best out of us and is an amazing thing to witness.”

We are grateful for Superstars like Lucy who have stepped up during this pandemic to bring some light and laughter into the lives of residents. We are in this together. Thank you, Lucy, for all that you do.