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At Home With Winnie

March 2, 2022 At home with

Winnie lives in a two-bedroom suite at Parkland at the Gardens in downtown Halifax. When she’s not watching a movie in the theatre or enjoying a meal with friends she loves taking walks at the nearby Public Gardens.

Where were you were born and where did you call home?

I was born in Halifax but home for me was our house in Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia – right on the ocean!

What did you do for work and where did you go to school?

I worked for the school board in St. Margaret’s Bay.

What surprised you the most about moving into Parkland?

The people and the hospitality of those who live here. From the day I had my tour, this place felt so welcoming and friendly. The staff and residents are wonderful.

What’s your favourite thing about your suite? 

I absolutely adore my living room here at the Gardens. I have a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

What’s your favourite design feature of your home?

Without a doubt, the main entrance. It is one of the best and most appealing features of the building!

What’s your favourite wellness or social activity to do or attend at Parkland?

I’m a huge fan of movies, musicals and other presentations in the theatre.

What’s your favourite pastime when you’re not busy with friends or activities?

I think walking in the Public Gardens, which is just around the corner!

What’s a meal that you get excited about here?

All the meals offered here are wonderful.

Who do you look forward to seeing every day?

Definitely my friend Anne. We do a lot together in the building and enjoy our walks together at the Public Gardens when we can.

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